JEYVI CASTILLO, vocals/guitar

JEYVI CASTILLO / Vocals, Guitar

It wasn’t too long ago when Jeyvi Castillo would be backstage, taking his position behind the scenes as his music idols stepped into the spotlight. It was a privileged experience to support such veteran artists; as a roadie/technician, and eventually as road manager, it meant bearing witness to the performances, songwriting, camaraderie, and touring days from an insider’s point of view.

It also meant having a direct link to musical inspiration and developing personal bonds that would eventually prompt his move from backstage to centerstage.  

It was a simple chat about favorite bands and songs that led to jam sessions, and then to a new band, with Jeyvi taking the role of frontman. Suddenly, the men of Wolfgang, one of the legends of local rock, whom he’d been assisting for years, were now his bandmates. 

Together, they formed Kontra, a rock band set to seize the scene with music marked by its vibrant performances and melodies that stick.  As its cowriter and lyricist, Jeyvi finds himself in new territory: collaborating with seasoned musicians who push him to being more open to new ways of making new music and becoming more aggressive with his songwriting. 

As Kontra’s lead vocalist and guitarist, Jeyvi sheds his old music spectator status to throw himself in performances that demand passion, commitment, and a good dose of fun. 

It helps that Jeyvi had already been making the rounds in the rock circuit, first donning his frontman and songwriter hats with hard rock band, Monks’hood (while garnering a few awards in the process), and later with the grunge band, Return To Eden, and southern rock band, Steel Horse.

Besides working on material for Kontra and performing around town with the band, Jeyvi continues to take the guitarist’s position for Return to Eden and occasionally performs as a solo acoustic artist.  These allow Jeyvi to explore various ways to express his musicality, an exciting prospect he is meeting with utmost urgency.